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New Atlanta Reservoir

August 22, 2009

The Atlanta Business Chronicle had an article this week about a proposal for a new reservoir for Atlanta.  This reservoir would be located on land in Dawson County owned by the city.  The plan would be to dam headwaters of the Etowah River to deliver 1 million gallons of water daily to Atlanta, North Fulton County, and the local area.  The estimated cost is $600 to $650 million.  What would the collective cost of this project be if other impacts are added such as adding more water treatment capacity?  How would this cost compare to the cost of widespread rainwater collection in which business and residences create their own mini-reservoirs?


August 18, 2009

In doing research on the potential impact of rainwater collection in the greater Atlanta area, I checked out the Australian Bureau of Statistics to find out how widespread rainwater use is there.  An interesting tidbit I found is that 28% of household in New South Wales (that’s where Sydney is) have INDOOR rainwater use.  this was a 2004 statistic so I would surmise that the figure has increase since then.  This is an astounding number of people using rainwater for indoor uses.  Imaging if 28% of Atlanta area residences had rainwater collection merely OUTDOOR  use.  The impact on municipal water supplies would be astounding.  If for example, there are 3.5 million people using water from Lake Lanier in the greater Atlanta area (which there are), the impact of such widespread rainwater collection would go a long way to alleviate reliance on this water source.  In the long run as growth continues in the area, rainwater collection would help avoid the need to build new reservoirs.  Australia has had more severe droughts than in Northern Georgia which has led to the widespread adoption of rainwater collection to provide water for homes.