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Potential for Atlanta to Run Out of Water

January 3, 2011

The Atlanta Business Chronicle ran the article in the link today.  The article originally appeared in the NY Times back in October and covers the findings of the Ceres group regarding among other cities, the possibility that Atlanta will run out of water.

While the judge ruling will certainly have an impact, the challenge with water supply in metro Atlanta will continue regardless as explained in earlier blogs.  Being toward the headwaters of the Chattahoochee and Etowah River watersheds, there is a limit to how much surface water we can procure through our traditional method.  Ground water is a very minor contributor to water supply.  Rainwater collection is a clean source of water that expands the ability of a watershed to capture a water supply and is in numerous ways superior to building new reservoirs.

Estimates are that with reasonable adoption of rainwater collection, that metro Atlanta can increase water supply by around 100 million gallons a day with rainwater collection systems without building new reservoirs or taking more drastic action.  Projections are for an increase in water demand from 650 million gallons per day now to around a billion gallons per day in 2035.  We clearly need to take action regardless of the tri-state agreement regarding Lake Lanier.