Rainwater Collection at Schools

Rainwater collection has high interest in schools at all levels.  Ecovie has been involved a wide variety of projects from elementary schools through universities.  See this month’s newsletter for some examples.  

We have been asked to speak to students at all levels as well which has been very fun.  I have personally ‘lectured’ to kindergarteners which was quite an experience.  For that, I took the Mr. Science approach and explained things like the hydrological cycle and where the water we drink water comes from.  I asked the students lots of questions and had some pretty amazing answers!  I have also lectured at the graduate level to a GA Tech architectural class.  Probably my favorite was the classes I did for several 5th grade classes.  There we focused on match and science.  The class divided into small groups and we calculated how much water could be collected from a home rooftop and then figured out how much a family’s water needs could be supplied.

Actually, Ecovie looks at all our marketing activities as an educational process.  What we do is a little different and novel to modern society even though the concept has been around for centuries. Once we can explain what we do and why we do it, our audiences can see what the benefits can be to them specifically as well as to communities as a whole.  It is no different really than the work we are doing in formal educational environment.  We look forward to these opportunities to teach and to participate in student’s development whatever age they may be!


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